Put Your Intention Out There

by Yes We Kin

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    Artwork by Michelle Roberts rattusinvictus.wordpress.com

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Put Your Intention Out There
by Yes We Kin
All songs written and performed by Cam Jones
Mixed by Daniel James
Fitfully recorded and mostly written March thru May 2013

For: BP, FW, SC, DG, VJ, DJ, RJ, MR, the Guy on a Buffalo, and a few people I'll never meet.

Artwork by Michelle Roberts (rattusinvictus.wordpress.com)

(c) 2013 Nice Friends Records


released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Yes We Kin Portland, Maine

Yes We Kin is the result of years of tinkering by singer-songwriter Cam Jones. Better known as the drummer for Worried Well, Cam has settled on this moniker for his solo efforts. Jeff Tweedy, The Barr Brothers, John K Samson and The Mountain Goats are cited as main influences, as well as the musicians brought in to play on recordings and live shows. ... more

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Track Name: Old Expressions My Co-Workers Use
On the night I spilled myself in the yard a few houses down from the girl I went to high school with’s house, I ran around feverish, cold, and sore back. It’s a new normal but tonight it’s unbearable. He couldn’t keep his head straight being mindful of the variables of crooked front teeth and a whole other life.
It’s like I went to sit on top of the world again and I feel so monotone like the guy from The National, but not so general and it means something to you at least. So I'll write through gridded teeth thinking that I'm being mean. I'll drink to that, I'll drink to that.
And how do you let someone down easy? You dont. There’s just animosity and an image thats burned into your brain. And Christ, I thought I had it all planned out but it went to hell. Why start the year off with internal conflict and why couldn’t I have asked?
It’s enough to put me up a wall. I’ll just be sure to paint it on my way back down.
Track Name: Same Old Dance
We're cutting a rug in a room with hard floors. It's what I've had trouble saying but I'm actually proud of this metaphor. Is help what you want? or do you love the idea? Back seats of trains and planes to all points west via Boston, P.A., about you all day. And what is that your deal? Cuz now you know we're doing all the same old moves even though I can't dance. And I hit my hand on a ceiling fan just to take a chance on you. My shyness precedes you but, hey! now you know. My shaky fidgets and ticks are enough to shake up my flow of words. It's absurd. And what is that your deal? Whats your appeal? Cuz we're doing all the same old moves even though we can't dance. You're cutting holes in the same old clothes just because they fit too well or they're a shell of a former you. But you're still you now, too.
We're doing all the same old moves even though I told you that I can't dance. And that glance wont change my stance because of who? Just to take a chance on you.
Track Name: Harvey Pekar's All American Weekend
I’m not trying to weed out the wicked, but friend I’m getting bored. American Splendored weekend of loneliness can only lead to this. Like an addict in my own bar “you don’t know until you are, it’s like clock work” but not consistent. The things he would say to me. I’ll drop that reference for you here. From off the streets of Cleveland, to the Cape, and back again, It’s that bad everywhere, enough to pull out our hair and drink until we fall asleep. Pace the yard. After bar. Saw your breath counting stars from her seat on the pavement of her street.
I’m living my All American weekend. I’m on my own and my house is empty. And I can’t help but sleep and read all day.
Jenny Gearhart’s name aside, gin was my alibi and I’ll give myself a week to set me straight.
Michelle still has my book and I want to read the one where he says “Ah, spring. And with it, the Birth of Hope”
Track Name: Weston on the West End
I've come to terms with you and I knowing the fact that I've moved to final holding. And my view from the other end isn't as long or hard now that I look back. But with you still take me down there? Because I sure could use a cup of coffee. And please be on time… I'm missing my dinner for this.
And I'll be outside in my breaker, cap, and cane because I know you'll be arriving soon, my dear. My room is full of VHS tapes and these books I've already read because I know I wont be here very long even though I had to forfeit my keys.
Oh Louie! Oh Bella! Oh Chick!
If I leave will I come back?
What's beyond the park?
Am I normal with my three squares?
Please be on time… I'm missing my dinner for this.
And I'll be outside in my breaker, cap, and cane. I know I'm leaving soon, my dear.
See you tomorrow. God willing.
Beats the shit out of me.
Live your dash.
Track Name: Down a Box of Moses
Down a box of moses. I dont care, it's your life to live.
Try not to mess with this one the way you messed with him.
And the way you messed with me
And the way it'll mess with you.
The way it'll mess with him.
Drenched in over thought. Lonely, tired, and sleepless nights
Think we're somewhere out there clawing around for what we have.
Clawing around for what we need.
Clawing around for what we want.
Clawing out what you have.
We can't just sent you on your way. You walk and you talk and you say awake all night. Stay around and hear me sing but I'll probably sing about everything. Oh.
Everyone's got a problem. Everyone needs to come back home.
Track Name: Untitled as of Yet
Two drinks in and I know what I’ll say. I’ve psyched myself up since yesterday.
I’m in the back and you didn’t know it was there.
Bar light makes you tired but it’s this cheap whisky I’m helping you drink.
My sweet nothings are nothing but to tie me in a sling.
My struggle for normalcy is up hill but you seem to have it down pat.
I hold you closer than you hold your school books.
Greeting cards, avoid my car, walk by your work building.
And I can’t help but think, "Did I get my point across?"
Track Name: All of Them, Always
We look up at our Night Windows and see brothers, fathers, and old boy friends. and grandparents and dogs. They’re there still sometimes and you still find things you wish they knew. About the world upside-down now in your current field of view.
Let everyone take a back seat for a while so you can stretch your legs. It’s been a long ride and I think it’s your turn, but don’t fall asleep this time.
These are the things that will pull you out of this. All of them always. All of you always, true.
Shakes, needles, and car wrecks. The sound of waves crashing in your whole life. And somewhere someone knows. What an old tune starting off with that stick count.
All of them always. All of you always, blue.
Not to take from “Our Little Boat” because I’m not a selfish lover, I’m not inconsistent, and I know the man I am. No harm done. No harm done. But how can I tell you how sorry i am? “how sorry I am”
All of them always. All of you always, you.